Monday, August 23, 2010

It's time, once again....

....for our annual Beer Brunch, and we've started plotting and prepping. As I write, there's a big pot of a rye wort reducing on the stove, which will be used in....well, I can't give any secrets away yet. Let's just say that Mr Cicerone has come up with a great work of genius with this one.

Because we both love soup, I made a test batch of, err, soup the other night, utilizing our insanely huge and luscious Caspian Pink tomatoes that are starting to overtake our garden and our house. 'Nuff said, but boy, was this just delicious with Mr Cicerone's Ginger Wheat.

Tomorrow night I do a test run on something made with Foie. The base recipe comes from La Julia, with a little twist of my own - we're trying to reproduce something we had on a fantastic Charcuterie plate at The Local Taphouse in Melbourne, Australia, earlier this year.

The coconut jam is on its way in the mail, the fresh sardines are not, as I couldn't find a source for them, and so it goes....

Now, if I could only find something to do with giant sunflowers......

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  1. Thanks for the nice mention!

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