Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Aussie beer!

Also of note at Beer Deluxe- Murray's Retro Rocket, a 2.8% IPA! I snuck one of these in too, because, why not? And declared it just grand, and full o' hoppy goodness.

What I didn't try? Feral Hop Hog- barrel-aged IPA, Wig & Pen Kembery Kolsch, Murray's Whale Ale wheat,  Boatrocker German Pils, & Scream Time (Thunder Bay) Steam beer.

Here's a peak at the Big Board O' beer at the other great Melbourne beer bar, The Local Taphouse. I snuck in for two quick beers, (and got scolded by my mum when I got home,) and enjoyed the "Doctor's Orders Synapse", a black saison, and  Moo Broo Imperial Stout.
The tap list at The Local Taphouse.

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