Friday, December 31, 2010

Brew Day, Batch 332: Buster 2010

This year's over-the-limit, over-the-backboard batch is bubbling away as I type this. Last year about this time, my mate Skip and I brewed the batch that cracked the 200 gallon mark for 2009, and called it Buster. That beer is a 10% lager beer made from all Pilsner malt, similar to Samiclaus Helles. Obviously, this year's beer had to be something even nuttier, so we've planned an eisbock. The wort from last night's brewing session clocked at 1.092, from only Weyermann Munich Type I. Bitterness was targeted to 20 BU, which seems low at first blush, but taking into account the freeze-concentration it should be about right.

We're thinking this beer may end up with the secondary moniker Exterminator....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

You Better Watch Out...

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he's thirsty:

With the insane, yet glamorous, Mrs. C
 Santarchy is one holiday celebration we heartily endorse! More Santified drunken revelry can be seen here.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So How Much Ginger Was In Batch 330?

To quote Brian of Nazareth when asked how much he hated the Romans, "A lot!"

The regular, summery Ginger Wheat has over a pound for ten gallons, so if the Winter Ginger has more, how much does it have? Pictured below is some of the fresh chopped ginger that went in the kettle. Six ounces were already in the boil when this picture was taken.

Those are 16oz. Solo cups.

Total for the batch was 1lb, 10oz. We reserve the right to add more if it pleases us....

Slows To Go Is A Go!

The long awaited Slows to Go is officially open in the Wayne State area at Cass and Alexandrine. The building is basically a giant kitchen, with a small front room where customers place and pick up orders. (I wasn't smart enough to realize that my fancy new all-fangled phone is capable of taking pictures of these things for you, sorry!) There is a shelf/counter around the perimeter of the room, so you *could* stand right there and scarf up your food, if you can't wait.

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The weird survived...

... Eccentric Day, 2010.

The Rex Halfpennys.

The original Mr Eccentric.

Mr Cicerone, AKA He Man.
Mrs Cicerone, AKA Attack of the killer minks.

Big Board O' Beer. One of them.

A grand time was had by all. We tried very hard to sample every beer (there were 20 more pouring in the back bar), but had to be satisfied with K'Zoo stout on cask, Christmas Ale, The Wild One (fantastic as always- this beer keeps evolving into better, better and better,) Golden Rye, Batch 10,000, Eccentric Ale '09 (a bit too licorice'y for me, but nicely done this time around), '08 Expedition, Rye Stout, Smoked Stout, Oarsman, Deb's Red, and of course, Two Hearted Ale.

The next day at Arcadia did not disappoint. Tim Surprise's "Address to the Haggis" was a spectacle, as always. We feasted well, and drank some fine beers- Sky High Rye, ESB, London Porter, Cereal Killer, and Imperial Stout. The music was great, and there were Feats of Strength, such as the "Down a Yard O' Ale" contest. As always, a fantastic time, and the hospitality of the Arcadia crew is just heartwarming.

A stop at Dark Horse Brewing on our way home the next day was a treat, with some nice sandwiches (on great bread) for lunch, and a delicious roasty, smooth pint of Too Cream Stout for me, and Reserve Special Blackbier and Crooked Tree IPA for Mr Cicerone.

Brew Day, Batch 331: Schoene Schankbier

Today's beer's main purpose in life is to grow up a whole bunch of lager yeast for Buster 2010, so the beginning criterion was a low OG, around 1.036. Since there are already a few yellow beers in the pipeline, I decided to make a beer with dunkel malts, augmented with a little crystal to help maintain a decent body. 20 BU for balance, from a couple small additions of Mt. Hood hops, and we'll see how we did in oh, five weeks or so....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brew Day, Batch 330: Winter Ginger

A month or so ago, as I somewhat sadly quaffed the last glass of the Ginger Wheat ale while thinking, "that's it until next summer," I had the idea for a Winter Ginger beer. This time a strong ale, with a dark amber color, lots of caramelly malt flavor, and even more ginger than the summer beer. We'll see how we do....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Only the Weird Survive....

Eccentric Day:

The Leonard Nimoy Poetry Slam:

The addressing of the haggis:

And the Heimlich-ing of Mr. Cicerone:

(Fortunately, not recorded, and hopefully not to be repeated!)