Thursday, June 23, 2011

More About The NHC Banquet

In addition to the prairie dogs, there was a fine feast prepared by the "Homebrew Chef," Mr. Sean Paxton. If you are interested in food, beer, and their intersection (you're here, aren't you?) his website is an amazing resource.

A Boy and His Mole - photo courtesy AHA/BA

The menu:

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Swing, And A Miss

I had hopes of 'liveblogging' a bit from the recent AHA conference, but some of the promise of 21st century technology has been a bit oversold, and I didn't much feel like fighting my Droid/Blogger bugs to find out where my g#!!&plft!! picture went this time. There were too many beers to investigate, and old friends to tell lies to while drinking them. Plus, the banquet was infested with prairie-dogging Michiganders....

See you next year in Seattle!

What's Happening Downriver

Doug at Fort Street Brewery is celebrating Lincoln Park's 90th anniversary and the Downriver Cruise in the way he celebrates most things: new beers! Info here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Once More Into The Breach!

I'm on the way to the AHA Conference in San Diego, sadly minus Mrs C.
Stopping for a dunkel in Denver on the way....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brew Day, Batch 343: 40-40-40 Special Bitter

This is a best bitter built around a conceptual framework, said framework being the number 40. 40, because that is the number of years, as of next week, that my little brother has been around to pester me. Also to make me laugh, talk me down off the ledge, drink my beers, worry me, and make me proud. Thus one of the beers we'll use to commemorate his superannuation will have an original gravity of 1.040, 40 BUs, include 40 oz. of 40 degree Lovibond crystal malt, 40g of a pale chocolate malt, and a couple other 40s worked into the groove.

The crystal malt is really pushing the upper limits of sane usage, at a bit over 15%; I'm betting the 40 BUs and liberal doses of flavor hops will keep this a drinkable beer. If Dave invites you to his birthday party, you'll find out!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Aussie beer!

Also of note at Beer Deluxe- Murray's Retro Rocket, a 2.8% IPA! I snuck one of these in too, because, why not? And declared it just grand, and full o' hoppy goodness.

What I didn't try? Feral Hop Hog- barrel-aged IPA, Wig & Pen Kembery Kolsch, Murray's Whale Ale wheat,  Boatrocker German Pils, & Scream Time (Thunder Bay) Steam beer.

Here's a peak at the Big Board O' beer at the other great Melbourne beer bar, The Local Taphouse. I snuck in for two quick beers, (and got scolded by my mum when I got home,) and enjoyed the "Doctor's Orders Synapse", a black saison, and  Moo Broo Imperial Stout.
The tap list at The Local Taphouse.

Yay! Free time!

Seeing as how my mum is doing great, I gave myself a night off from nursemaid/housemaid duties, and headed to "The City" to the wonderful Beer Deluxe. Three beers and three snacks later, and I'm happy as pie!

Double-fisted dinner. Raconteur IPA from Prickly Moses brewery with red lentil fritters.
Mountain Goat/ Matilda Bay collaboration abbey Dubbel with Spanish chorizo and poached figs with a sweet chili glaze.
The IPA was a classic American IPA chock-full of Cascade, Centennial & Chinook. 6.5% ABV, nice toasty malt, and great balance. A wonderfully tangerine citrusy IPA. It was kick-off night and I met the brewer.

The second dish was a plethora of different flavors- not something I would have made myself, but it did work well with the beer, which was a fruity, lightish-bodied abbey dubbel with some licorice notes.

I'm not much of a dessert person, but needed an excuse to order Murray's Black Night Porter.
And here it is- rich, creamy Panna Cotta. Perfect with the porter which had notes of dark fruit and a wee bit of roastiness.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is beer a substitute for the company of one's husband? Round 2.

I think not.

But hey, there's some good beers here. And- I just realised I forgot to open that Young's Bitter with my roast lamb!!  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is beer a substitute for the company of one's husband?

I'm doing my best to find out.

If you miss your plane.....

....., get shafted by the airline, have to wait 24 hours until the next flight causing untold distress to your family Downunder who are waiting your arrival..... helps to stay in a hotel with this tap line-up in the bar!