Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's All This, Then, Long Version

We love to eat and drink well, and go to (not unreasonable) lengths to see that we do. The point of this blog is to help others do the same. We are a married, middle-aged couple with multiple ties to the world of beer. We are also both certified Cicerones, which is the beer analog to a Sommelier. More info on Ciceronery is at

I've been an amateur brewer since 1989. Over the past 20 years and countless beers, I've made many, many beery friends in the US and beyond, and even managed to acquire a beer-expert-wife in 2004. I have followed the arc of development from 'ignorant of all I didn't know' through 'overwhelmed by all there is to know,' followed closely by 'measury-controlly-gadgety-worrier,' settling into the long, slow, gradual curve of 'relaxed, worrying only where necessary.' I have spread the homebrew bug to many a new brewer, and helped ease many more past the worrying stage into the relaxation zone. I am committed to helping reliable, quality information on beer and brewing into the hands of those who need it, while dispelling the many myths, fallacies, and wives tales that persist. Like that thing about bock beer being from 'the bottom of the vats when they clean them once a year.' Jeez.

To this end, I recently attained, along with my wife Annette, the aforementioned Cicerone certification. We have a strong interest in beer in cuisine, and occasionally conduct public food and beer pairings. We also have killer parties. I have been an active member of the Downriver Brewers Guild since 1995. In May 2009, I will have a party to mark my 300th batch of homebrew.

Annette is an actual
professional beer nerd, who, having previously managed the Map Room in Chicago, and sold beer for importer B. United International, is now the beer department manager at the best damn beer store in the Detroit area, Merchants Fine Wines in Dearborn.

There are 4 refrigeration units in our basement dedicated to beer: two chest freezers with temperature controls, one for fermentation and one for lagering, and two upright fridges, one for bottled beers and the other fitted with four taps and a drip tray.

Maybe we're just easily amused, but few things make us happier than when good beer and good food come together. And most of the other things are none of your damn business....


  1. great blog!! loved looking at photos. Have learnt heaps about Cicerones!! Am proud to call my cousin the first Mrs. Cicerone!

  2. Detroit, my hometown too....long ago. Need to get back so I can go feather bowling at Cadieux Cafe & have BBQ at Slows. I like your blog. Thanks!

  3. Informative website for a burgeoning beer professional. Much appreciate the rich content.

  4. Mike, I don't know if you'll remember me, but I sure remember you! I just got "re-started" home-brewing a few months ago and I wanted to say "hello' and see how you're doing.