Saturday, January 1, 2011

Funny Ad, Great Timing

Mrs. C. and I were enjoying some great beers at the Pony Bar in New York City during the recent blizzard, and as we were chuckling at this ad:

Right then, two young guys came in, squeezed in right next to us at the bar, and ordered Bud Lights. Whoops, kids, wrong bar! In case you didn't check out the link, that was kind of like going into a five star restaurant and ordering a Whopper. We had some great beers there, including Southern Tier Ne'tra Gal (It's a dorky Star Wars fanboy reference,) a sort of low-grav black IPA thing with only 4.6% alc/vol. We also enjoyed some great sandwiches, and our front row seat view of the first big paralyzing snowstorm to hit Manhattan this winter. Our trip back to our hotel, a matter of only a few blocks, was entertaining for those of us that love the snow, and vexing for those who do not:

An even bigger hassle than usual to have a car in Manhattan

At the point the above photo was taken, about half the snow we were in for had fallen, and already travel by car had gotten decidedly dicey. By morning, it was clear we would not be travelling on that day... forcing us to entertain ourselves with more food and beer....

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