Friday, December 31, 2010

Brew Day, Batch 332: Buster 2010

This year's over-the-limit, over-the-backboard batch is bubbling away as I type this. Last year about this time, my mate Skip and I brewed the batch that cracked the 200 gallon mark for 2009, and called it Buster. That beer is a 10% lager beer made from all Pilsner malt, similar to Samiclaus Helles. Obviously, this year's beer had to be something even nuttier, so we've planned an eisbock. The wort from last night's brewing session clocked at 1.092, from only Weyermann Munich Type I. Bitterness was targeted to 20 BU, which seems low at first blush, but taking into account the freeze-concentration it should be about right.

We're thinking this beer may end up with the secondary moniker Exterminator....

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