Monday, August 22, 2011

It's that time of year again.. Mr Cicerone and I practise, practise, practise in creating 10 new food and beer pairings for our annual Beer Brunch. (Here's 2009's)

Last week we pulverized a bunch of grapes and almonds into, er, something.....and tried 6 beers until we found just the right one. A recent evening of tasting cheese and a bunch of beers found us reinventing an "oldie but goodie" for this year's brunch, and we're making a test batch this weekend just to be sure. By accident we recently discovered a perfect beer accompaniment to grilled pineapple, and decided we might add that in to the menu- to discover the perfect beer was a limited release. So- last night we set upon tasting a lot of beer to find something with just the right nuances.....The salad course created some problems finding a perfect beer match but we did nail that one finally (luckily we love cucumber). Tonight it's all about bacon. We're about half done....and we're not giving away any more!

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