Friday, October 19, 2012

Coming Out of the Closet

Photo credit: Big Gay Uncle Dave
Not the 'can't tell anyone I'm gay' closet. (Still can't tell anyone that, 'cause I'm not.)  No, it's the 'homebrewer harboring fantasies of going pro' closet. I haven't been posting about this, (or much else, to be honest,) as I really think it's outside the scope of our blog, but I've been working on a business plan, and hope to open a small microbrewery in Detroit, hopefully in Eastern Market. To this end, I've been taking advantage of various friends in the pro brewing community and helping out (read: getting in the way and asking a lot of nosey questions) in their breweries. Much thanks to my buds at Corner Brewery and Liberty Street in particular. And recently I got accepted at U of D. Not University of Detroit, but University of Duncan. Grizzly Peak's Brewmaster Duncan Williams has served as the mentor for a number of the area's brewers. I am his newest lackey in the downtown Ann Arbor brewpub, helping to keep the beer flowing from their sprawling cellar to the throngs of thirsty pub patrons upstairs. I must say, that's no mean feat, either; this pub pours more beer than any other brewpub (and a fair number of production breweries,) in the state. So come on down for a pint at the Grizz, and don't be surprised if you see a short, stout, hairy sort scuttling about muttering about dry hops....


  1. Nice coveralls! Not everyone can look so debonair in a set of coveralls and rubber, you know.
    But more importantly-
    Can't wait to be able to BS in the Den about perceiving a "Mr. C influence" in the beer...

  2. "...and don't be surprised if you see a short, stout, hairy sort scuttling about muttering about dry hops..."

    Sounds something like "Ngaa, ngaa!"

  3. Ahhh to be a brewmasters lackey! No really, I have offered my services at no charge, to Doug at FSB. Alas my pleadings fell upon deaf ears! Go figure!