Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Intriguing Beer Dinner

Rattlesnake Club is doing an all-IPA beer dinner next week on Thursday. A very interesting idea; check it out here. What other beer styles would you think might lend themselves to such an adventure?


  1. Not able to make it : (
    I will be interested in how those pairings work.
    A couple look really nice and then one, well, I'll be wanting to hear what yoy have to say.

  2. Very enjoyable dinner! Great food, great beers, though not all of the actual pairings worked perfectly. But not everyone is as picky about these things as we are. Scallops and Triomphe - yich. They came together as "stinky fishy" in one's mouth. Double Trouble was way too big for the delicate potato pancake and poached egg, though Hopslam worked ok. And though the ice cream tasted really nice, it was horrible WITH the IPA.....