Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Doug Days Update

Doug says:
Greetings and salutations!

Yeah! Yippeee! The Doug Days of Summer are here! The funnest days of the summer! It's that time when visions of beer guzzling, cotton candy eating, pony riding monkeys come true!

All week long we'll feature a special menu of some of my favorite foods (more on that later). Wednesday through Friday we'll tap six beers that I like to drink (two each day). The Beery Dog (yes, she does exist) is responsible for all the festivities this week, so I don't know for sure what beers we'll be drinking. All I know is that she asked me what my favorite beer styles are. I told her, "IPA's, any Belgian styles, braggots, porters, and almost any barrel aged beer". So hopefully, my wishes will come true, and we'll see those styles on tap.

In addition to the beers, if I have the time, we'll play some fun games each night for prizes. Of course, just for the heck of it, we'll give out prizes each night when we tap the beers.

Our liquor of the week is Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum. You can get a Seadog (Sailor Jerry, ginger ale, and sour mix) for just $2.50, or a Popeye (Sailor Jerry and Red Bull) for just $4! Delicious and ridicuolously cheap! Did you know that Sailor Jerry Rum is named for a real guy, who was in fact a sailor and a famous tattoo artist?

You already know that our prices are so low, that Pete cries everytime he crunches the numbers. But did you know that the first day of The Doug Days of Summer is also Chinese Valentine's Day? Did you also know that prarie dogs possess the most sophisticated of all animal languages, and can run up to 35 mph? All important information, and free with the purchase of your beer!

Have you voted for us yet in the Channel 4 Best of Detroit poll? There's less than two weeks left, and we're currently tied for second place. If you haven't voted, please do so; and tell all your friends, family, imaginary internet friends, co-workers, etc to do so as well. Just go to www.clickondetroit.com/4thebest

This week on "Lunch, Dinner, and the Occasional Midnight Snack With Doug"; you'll hear Tracy say, "How can this be your list of favorite foods?! There's no peanut butter toast on here!" You'll also hear Nicole say, "Boy, rutabagas aren't easy to peel!"

On Doug's plate this week (and hopefully yours too), look for Cheesy Bread (for an appetizer), sausage and pepperoncini pizza, The World's Greatest Lasagna, Hamloaf (just like mom used to make), Asparagus Quiche (sometimes vegetables are good), pasties ('cause I'm a Yooper, eh), Pale Ale Salmon Burgers (none of the canned stuff here), Ice Cream Cookies, and of course Beer Can Chicken (as featured in an upcoming issue of Crain's Detroit) on Friday-Monday.

In summary: yeah Doug!; cute and speedy little beer making prairie dogs; so many new beers I don't know where we're gonna put 'em all; Jerry the Sailin' Man; Chinese Valentine's Day; voting for us; and mmmmmm! ham loaf!

See ya soon,

Fort Street Brewery
1660 Fort St.
Lincoln Park, MI
(313) 389-9620

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