Monday, August 31, 2009

Fort Street Happenings

From Doug:
Greetings and salutations!

Thanks to all who came out to "Festivus in August" last week! Congratulations to all of our contest winners, especially Kathy Polatka for creating the winning Playdough sculpture and Mike Glaser for winning the challenging Name That Tune Competition. If you were unable to hear the drunk, obnoxious street walker who kept shouting out the answers, all of the songs were either by Michigan musicians, or were songs about Michigan. Also, thanks to Mike & Kathy Arend for brewing and providing their tasty "Toll House Porter".
This Thursday, September 3rd at 8 ish p.m. we'll tap our 109th cask-conditioned ale. "A Two Stroke Cycle" is Piston Pale Ale with something added to the cask that we normally add to the draft version, but didn't this year. I hope to have a new, hoppier version of Piston (the one the cask came from) on tap that night as well. In addition to the cask, we'll also be tapping "Royale" (aka The 1/4 lb. Queen). "Royale" is an ESB (Extra Special Bitter) style. Mild and easy drinking, it is the quintessential session beer. I have it on tap now for Fan Club members. As always, we'll have some wonderful prizes for a few lucky folks in attendance. We'll also play another exciting game of "Beanbags For Beer" (formerly known as Cornhole For Cash).
Our liquor of the week is Pama Liqueur. It's a pomegranate flavored liqueur that makes a great mixer. You can get a Pama Breeze (Pama, vodka, cranberry, & grapefruit juice) for just $4, or a Pama Kiss (Pama, apple vodka, and cranberry juice) for just $3.50! Would you like to try 'em for free? Well, then, come in Thursday when we'll have free samples and probably some free Pama swag too. Free booze to go with your two new beers! Throw in some dancing monkeys and you'll think you've died and gone to heaven!
Fan Club members, you're big day is almost upon us! The legendary annual Members Only Party will be held Sunday, September 13th. I don't know a time yet, but probably around 3 or 4 p.m. Free beer, free food, free air, free water, free Michigan road maps! It doesn't get any better than that! Of course, we'll be open to the general public, but only members are allowed behind the velvet ropes. For the 40 or 50 of you who haven't picked up your membership cards yet, make sure ya do, 'cause ya can't get in without it!
This week on, "You Say Taquito, I Say Tequila!"; you'll hear Fran say, "So I make a couple of taquitos for everyone to try, and now ya got me making 10,000 of 'em! Thanks alot!" You'll also hear Pete say, "Make sure you don't roll 'em too tight! The last thing I need is taquitos exploding in people's faces!"
On your plate this week, look for Chicken Parmesan, Chicken or Beef Taquitos, Grilled Tropic-ale Pork Chops, Thai Chicken Pizza, Shepherd's Pie, Shrimp Kababos, and Baked Turkey Subs (on our new grinder rolls).
To summarize: Festivus was good, Festivus was fun, only five more months until another one!; two new tasty beers on Thursday; free booze on Thursday; Fan Club members with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads; tightly rolled tantalizingly terrific taquitos, and someone please come in on Labor Day to keep us company!

See ya soon,

Fort Street Brewery
1660 Fort St.
Lincoln Park, MI
(313) 389-9620

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