Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 AHA Recognition Award Winner - Randy Mosher

For those who haven't heard yet, Randy Mosher was awarded the 2010 AHA GC Recognition Award. Congrats Randy!!!! Ray Daniels gave the introduction and the Award.

"As chairperson to the AHA Governing Committee, it was my honor this past Saturday evening to present the 2010 American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee Recognition Award to Randy Mosher. However, I was even more delighted to have his dear friend and recipient to the 2009 Recognition Award join me on stage to share his words on what Randy Mosher has meant to our homebrewing community. These were Ray's words to his friend..."

"I met this year's winner within a few months of when I started homebrewing in 1989 and we've spent 20 years collaborating on a wide range of activities related to beer. Certainly I know that my own career has been enhanced by the many projects we have worked on together.

The key to understanding this person's contributions is to understand that he truly is a Renaissance man, a modern polymath who is just as familiar with the nuances of color balance in graphic design as he is with the sounds produced by alternative electronic amplification circuits. And like any true Renaissance talent, he views knowledge and technical mastery as just the first step in exploring any field. For once skills and knowledge are gained, they can be used as tools to create new things unimagined by others. Things like the Buckapound brewery—a complete stainless steel homebrewing system that he has designed and built himself from scavenged stainless steel parts; like his homebuilt boom-boxes with a sort of steam punk design and silky smooth sound quality; like his fascinatingly tasty beers and equally wonderful food creations—not to mention his voluminous contributions to the visual presentation of beer and beer events. For nearly everyone
who knows him, this individual has become the "go-to" guy for any creative endeavor whether the finished product was to be paper, stainless steel or electrons.

Now, if these things were all this individual had contributed to the beer world it would truly be a good thing and he would be fully deserving of the honor we bestow on him tonight. But Randy's greatest gift to the American beer scene has not come from the things that he does while slaving over a hot brew kettle, a steel-melting TIG torch or quad-core Mac Pro. His greatest gift to beer has been the generosity he personifies in his every meeting he has with fellow brewers—no matter whether they be recent converts to homebrewing, masterful craft brewers or salaryman big brewers. Unlike those who sometimes hold back knowledge to make themselves more important, Randy has always shared his knowledge freely and copiously with the spirit of a true pioneer who is all too happy to have others share what he has found. This willingness to put the sharing of ideas above personal ego and community above self are key reasons why the American homebrewing scene
has blossomed and thrived. Thus the contributions Randy has made through books, lectures and countless conversations have enriched our community in immeasurable ways—ways that affected not only the knowledge of individuals but indeed the spirit of the community. This generosity also extends to his valuable service on governing boards for the Chicago Beer Society, American Homebrewers Association and the Brewers Association as well.

When you look at Randy's activities as a craftsman, an author, a teacher and indeed a leader, I cannot help but think of Benjamin Franklin—a man who was also widely talented and endless engaged in learning, sharing and shaping the world around him. So I will frame that as my summary and hope that Randy will find it sufficient—and that Franklin himself would have considered it flattering.

And with that, I give you tonight's recipient of this year's recognition award, Randy Mosher, the Benjamin Franklin of American Homebrewing!"

Crispy Frey
AHA Governing Committee - Chairperson
Brewers Association - Board Member
Ann Arbor Brewers Guild - Treasurer & Mouth
Fermental Order of Renaissance Draughtsmen - Member
AHA Lifetime Member & Evang-ALE-ist

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