Friday, September 24, 2010

A great pairing....

What a shame that our young friends Justin & Nik don't have more of this beer.....
If they did, we would plunder and pillage their supply to serve to our friends at our upcoming Beer Brunch. We've been working on a salad pairing- the salad made with a hop and marmalade vinaigrette and paired with Mr Cicerone's IPA. Justin & Nik's Beta Drive Mango IPA worked wonderfully with our simple salad comprised of greens, chunks of grapefruit, some scattered walnuts and a little fresh goat cheese, drizzled with the hop vinaigrette. Maybe we'll try adding some mango chunks to the salad to see if this recreates the flavours!

On its own merits, Beta Drive poured a brilliant dark orange colour, a little hazy due to the mango pulp, and with a nice full head. Aromas of mango and hops, and initial flavours of sweet mango and malt tied in nicely with the fruity notes from the hops (Citra I think). The pronounced bitter finish added "the zamboni effect" on the tongue, ensuing no cloying mango fruitiness remained. Well done! Hide your stash!

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