Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary, Bell's!

We had a fun and beer-filled day yesterday at Bell's Eccentric Cafe where we helped the hoards celebrate Bell's 25th Anniversary. We arrived at the cafe at 11'ish, and Bell's Porter was a great first-beer-o-the-day. During the day we drank Java Stout, Two Hearted Ale (unfortunately the cask version that was tapped the day before ran out right when we decided to have one), Wild One, Le Batteur Farmhouse, 2002 Eccentric Ale, 25th Anniversary Ale and 2002 Bourbon-aged Expedition Stout (a treat, but we both declared we would rather have had "regular Expedition", though it's hardly "regular"....). The Big Board O' Beer kept changing, and though we tried, our livers couldn't quite keep up, and we didn't get to the K'Zoo stout, Amber, Lager O' Lakes, Octoberfest, and mead. The 45 piece German band, Ein Prosit!, played Edelweissse on cow bells, and swarms of homebrewers lined up for a carboy of unhopped wort to take home as part of a homebrew competition.
We headed to a quiet local restaurant for dinner on route to the train station before heading home, and our icing-on-the-cake-of-the-day was the appearance, out of the back corner, of Larry Bell, who had just finished dining there. He joined us for a nice chat before he headed back to the brewery, and we headed home on the train where I was accosted by a bunch of jolly ladies who wanted to know the significance of my wonderful hat.

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