Sunday, September 26, 2010

Travels in Ontario

Behold- (though you can hardly see it)- my delicious meal from last night at The Belfry in Stratford, Ontario. It's duck confit atop a bed of rich stewy lentils & slow-roasted grape tomatoes in a foie gras vinaigrette. Unseen is Mr Cicerone's "A Tasting of De Martines Tamshire Pork"-
Grilled Loin, Chorizo, and a Pulled Pork Sandwich, with Choucroute (French sauerkraut) and Mostarda (a mustard and fruit condiment.)

While greeted with a huge wine menu, the beer selection was pretty dismal. (The craft beer scene in Ontario, CA is lagging some years behind the USA.) But we were happy to see Sam Adams Boston Lager on the beer list, and it was a fine accompaniment to both our meals.

(And, apologies for the poor quality pictures of late. Our camera pooped out and needs replacing.)

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