Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to clog your arteries in one foul swoop.

That's not cream cheese in the tub, but Burrata- fresh mozzarella stuffed with cream
Eat burrata. That's fresh mozzarella stuffed with heavy cream. A mouthfull of buttery decadence sure to make you groan. Today's lunch consisted of said ambrosia, along with fresh goat cheese, fresh smoked mozzarella, fresh pretzel rolls, Mr Cicerone's fave Wensleydale, some good dry salami, and the last of our home-grown cherry tomatoes. The burrata & Wensleydale were just dandy with Three Floyd's Gumballhead, a nice citrusy American wheat.

Where did we get said treats? Everything bar the Wensleydale (and the tomatoes) (and the beer) were acquired FRESH this morning at the Zingerman's booth at Detroit's Eastern Market in Shed 2. Miss Jackie is there every Saturday, and you can sign up for her email newsletter which announces what she's going to bring each Saturday. She brings burrata about once a month.

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