Thursday, March 31, 2011

IPA Tasting at The Rockery, Wyandotte

The Rockery is hosting an  IPA tasting on Wednesday April 6, 7-10PM. $20 cost for 15 beers and food! Mr Cicerone and I will be helping guide customers through the selections.

About The Rockery....
The (new) Rockery boasts 4 taps- 3 Michigan taps (currently Founders Old Curmudgeon, Arcadia Whitsun, & Kuhnhenn DRIPA), and Blatz  "for the old customers." And, about 40 Michigan bottles, including the hard-to-get Kuhnhenn 4th Dementia and Jolly Pumpkin iO Saison. Here's the beer menu. It's inexpensive, and they have a special price for a "Michigan Beer Bucket" ( 5 Michigan brews, with the exclusion of a couple of brands, for $14. Basically almost what you would pay for the same beers in a retail store. A fantastic deal!) They have a nice selection of imports too. And live music on Fridays.

The kitchen sticks to the basic burgers, chicken strips and the like, though all the ingredients are sourced locally.


  1. Hey, this is gregg from slow's! Just letting you know I found you guys through a link on the website. Hopefully you two will let me pick your brains as I start working towards my own cert!


  2. You found us through somewhat convoluted means, even though you see us every week or so at Slows?

    (But sure, we'll help any way we can.)