Friday, March 18, 2011

Thanks Tyler!

"Half Naked Sour Cherry" Flemish-style Red Ale.With braised brisket.
"Half Naked Sour Cherry" Flemish-style Red Ale. Oak- barrel aged for one year, then aged another year with a generous portion of black cherries. A collaborative effort between 11 Michigan homebrewers.

We had been given this bottle late last year by one of the best homebrewers we know (that would be you Tyler!), and one who (obviously) had taken part in this project. And, we decided to enjoy it with a simple meal of a delicious braised brisket (cooked long and slow in a horseradish and onion infused broth- thanks for the recipe Jackie!). Wow, this beer was an amazing example of Flemish red ale. Sourish and woody, with just a whisper of cherry. And perfect with our meal.

We are lucky to have such talented, and generous friends.

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