Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well, not rats. The day the man came and took our problem 'possum away, I came home to this:

I had not noticed another 'mater missing a bite that morning, but reckoned I had just missed it in my rush to work. Looked recent, though...
Saturday, I came outside to set to work smoking some malt for rauchbier and other treats, and thought I would first put away the live trap and clean up the smelly mess left behind by a wild animal with no understanding whatever about the proper use of indoor plumbing. Except:

Gotta rearrange my plans....
 What's really funny is that I'd considered the Case of the Filched Fruits closed, and had carried the trap into the garage a couple days earlier, bait still inside, to get it out of the rain. Space is tight in our rickety old garage, so the trap got balanced on top of the only flat surface that was available at the time:
Yep, that's what it looks like, a 3 foot long cage balanced on about a five inch wide flat spot on the top of a lawnmower, with a marsupial trapped inside. How it stayed in place the whole time is a wonder.

Well, it was relocated to a more suitable habitat, and then I set to smoking some malt. (After re-baiting the trap, to be on the safe side....)

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