Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beer Camp #2: Porter

Recently, another group of folks from Slows BarBQ came over to talk beer, drink beer, and make beer. Chef Mike, Gregg, Kyle, and Slows Official Beer Mom*, Tara, spent an afternoon and evening in the brewery bunker under Chez Cicerone, crafting a batch of porter.Chef Mike Metevia is a big fan of stouts and porters, and this one is slated to be served up at a party celebrating his recent nuptials. We used my standard porter recipe, which includes crystal 40, crystal 80, chocolate, and black patent malts, as well as a wee touch of home smoked malt, on top of a Marris Otter pale ale malt base. 30 BUs from Northern Brewer and Willamette hops balance out the malt side nicely. Since this beer is going to be drunk up in the course of a couple of hours, we are dry hopping, priming, and packaging it as cask ale. Should be nice....

Chef Mike and Mr. C prepare to dough in.
An ancillary chore performed by the campers was to apply labels to the couple of cases of bombers from Beer Camp #1.

* That's like a Den Mom, only cooler. At the first Beer Camp, Tara declared that she would be attending every subsequent one. OK by us!

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