Monday, November 21, 2011

Brew Day, Batch 352: Rye Peppercorn Pale Ale

A favorite.

A recipe:

10 US gallons


11   lb. pale 2 row malt
5    lb. Munich malt
2    lb. flaked rye
1/4  lb. Special B

Infusion mash 1 qt./lb. at 150-152F. Rye can make for a slow runoff, so consider doing a mashoff with an infusion of boiling water.


1 1/2  oz. Centennial 10.5 % for 60 min.
1/2    oz. Cascade 8.6% for 15 min.
1/2    oz. Cascade 8.6% for 5 min.
2      oz. coarsely ground Tellicherry pepper for 5 min.

Total estimated BU is around 35.
OG around 1.055ish.

Chill and pitch with ale yeast; I like to use Wyeast 1098 for a wee bit of esteriness, but this is really an ingredient-driven beer, so don't sweat yeast choice.


  1. Ohhh a yummy beer to be sure!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe .
    We have telecherry and black malabar.
    May do some 'sperimentin'!