Monday, January 30, 2012

Dai Nippon Jin...ger

Every two weeks or so we "treat" our friends to "Movie Night At The New Burton Theatre". This past weekend we screened a favourite, Dai Nippon Jin  (Big Man Japan).

9 of our friends (who *used* to love us) came by for dinner and the movie. Taking advantage of the Japanese theme, we dined on such delicacies as vinegared squid, seaweed-wrapped rice crackers, shrimp-flavoured chips,  edamame, oshinko, peanut milk soup (nobody actually tried this), and for the main course, udon noodle bowls with "add your own" chicken, "shabu-shabu" pork slices, shitakes, lotus root, baby bok choy, fried tofu and some very strange-looking mutant mushrooms that were delicious, wok-cooked with garlic and ginger.

Beers were plentiful; taking advantage, again, of the Japanese theme, we indulged in the wonderfully innovative beers from the Kiuchi brewery in Japan, enjoying JCA, Red Rice Ale, 3 Days Sour, and their Yuzu wine. (Plus some Karatamba sake, a favourite of mine).......

.....and, Mr Cicerone's titular Dai Nippon Jinger, and Smelly Monster IPA (We'd forgotten that the creature was actually called "Stink Monster").


  1. Still suffering from worst earworm ever.
    Random lines of "it's so easy happy go lucky get in the futon and it's good good good...." haunting my waking hours.
    Even applications of Tonly Orlando and "Obla dee Obla da" have failed to dislodge it.

  2. You! You! You! You! Us! Us! Us! Us!