Friday, June 22, 2012

Brew Day, Batch 371: Return of Atmospherium

My original attempt at Atmospherium missed the target a bit; instead of 6 to 6-1/2% alcohol I ended up with 8.1%. Tasty as it was, it really was too much for a hot summer's tipple. Today, I am attempting to learn from my previous errors, and make something more 6ish. The key elements are intact: a portion of malted rye to accentuate the spicy, peppery phenols from the French Saison yeast; a wort designed to attain very high attenuation through a multi-step, low temperature mash and the use of 6% table sugar AKA Atmospherium; and lots of spicy Saaz hops throughout.

Here's today's take:

(10 gallons yield)

10  lbs. Weyermann Pilsener malt
2   lbs. Briess rye malt
2   lbs. Weyermann Munich Type 2
1/2 lb.  Weyermann Cara Munich
1   lb.  table sugar (cane)

  • Doughed in with 13-1/2 quarts of 134F liquor for 124F protein rest; rested 30 min.
  • Infused with boiling liquor to 147F, rested 75 min.
  • Vorlaufed, lautered, sparged to collect 12 gallons of wort. Terminal runoff gravity 1.011.

90 minute kettle boil

-Sugar added at 30 min.
-1.3 oz. Perle 9.3% alpha acid at 30 minutes
-1   oz Saaz 5.1% alpha acid at   75 minutes
-1   oz Saaz 5.1% alpha acid at  ~90 minutes

Calculated BUs ~30

Wort was chilled to 65F, yielding 10 and a skosh gallons at 1.050, which was pitched with Wyeast 3711 slurry. This should hit the ABV target nicely....

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