Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here yesterday, gone today.

Our precious tomatoes, that is! Our friend has come back, and has successfully, over the past few days, managed to deprive us of our much-looked-forward-to fresh, succulent, umami-packed daily tomato treat.

Stolen tomato #3, half eaten on the ground.
Remnants of Lost Tomato # 4, on top of the fence.
Mother fucker! When we came down this morning, there were the remnants of Lost Tomato # 5!
Mr Cicerone, getting serious. (Nice shoes!)
Possum trap, well  baited, and relocated from our garage where it had been for a few days, to the current scene of the crime.
As I type, Mr Cicerone is setting up both a motion detector, and video surveillance camera. Stay tuned!!

1 comment:

  1. Can I borrow the trap to capture the vermin in my backyard? I keeps eating the flowers and digging throughout every bed.