Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 27th is Beer Club Dinner at Slows

The next beer dinner at Slows will feature Great Lakes beers paired with specially designed courses. It promises to be phenomenal, as always. Price is $30, which, trust me, is a bargain. Details from Tara below the fold:
"Hello fellow beer lovers it's almost our favorite Monday of the month again!!! April 27 @7:30pm, this time due to the Yankees being in town for the Tigers to beat. We will be starting the night off with a outstanding
NEVER been poured before(for the public-just us!!) saison-The GrassRoots!!!
Chef Brian will be pairing that with a wonderful spring vegetable
raviolli. We will also be sampling the blackout stout with lamb &polenta,
Elliot ness-with pork,artichokes,arugula,shrooms and etc. of yumminess!!!
And how about chocolate and Edmund Fitzgerald porter???!!! And a duo of
cheeses and Commodore Perry vs Burning river, need I say more??-- See you
Monday!!! Any ?'s just hollar back& to Rsvp either email or call
313-962-9828-Thanks again-T"

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