Saturday, April 4, 2009

Waltzing Matilda

First off: Chef Brian Perrone of Slows BBQ in Corktown is an evil genius. Despite the years he has shaved off of my expected lifespan, I remain fond of him. Last Monday, we had the good fortune to attend a dinner where Chef Perrone created a four course meal specifically to match up with a series of Goose Island beers. The whole thing was smashing, but I just want to single out one amazing course. The beer was Matilda, Goose's homage to Orval. Most who try Matilda think it generally exhibits more Brettanomyces character than Orval, but it's a similar beer, and lovely in its own right. So, malty, but with an overall dryness from hops, a little wild. This was paired up with baby back ribs confit, red sauerkraut, and potato pierogi. Baby back ribs confit. Baby. Back. Ribs. Confit. Do not let the diet nannies who are protecting us from tropical fats and the like find out about this. The ribs were salt-cured, and poached in chicken fat. Tender, rich, and an absolutely wonderful foil for the beer. The hop and Brett character stood out brightly against the buttery meat. (Cue Homer Simpson gurgling-drooling sound....)

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