Monday, April 13, 2009

100th Cask at Fort Street Brewery

8 PM, Thursday, April 16, will mark the tapping of Doug's 100th cask of real ale, and I'll be in line for my pint when it's tapped. Fort Street Brewery is on Fort St. (duh) in Lincoln Park, near Southfield Rd.

**Update, from Doug**

Now that Easter's out of the way, it's time to focus on the really important holiday- National High Five Day! That's right, this Thursday, April 16th is the big day. And what better occasion to give out high fives than the release of our 100th cask-conditioned ale?! There's a lot of accomplishments that I'm proud of at Fort Street, and making it to 100 casks is certainly one of the biggest. To top it off, we have a very special celebrity guest to tap the cask. We're very pleased to announce that Rex Halfpenny will be the tapper of this very special cask. You may know Rex as the publisher of the Michigan Beer Guide, the man who started the Michigan Brewers Guild, or perhaps even as the person responsible for getting homebrewing legalized in Michigan. What's in the cask? Doesn't matter, it's good, and it's #100! After Rex taps the cask, we'll slap high fives and switch positions to our second beer, "High Five Rye". This is an IPA made with rye and five hop varieties. Two fists filled with two great beers! As usual, we'll have some fabulous prizes to give to a few lucky folks in attendance at the tapping.

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  1. I'll try to make it Thursday. Doug needs to get his facts straight. Halfpenny had absolutely NOTHING to do with legalizing home brewing in Michigan. That was legal even during Prohibition. Until the Reagan administration, it meerly required a license from the ATF, of which I am a proud possessor.