Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Road Trip!

Friday after work, we are heading to Benton Harbor. Normal people would ask why, while making a face like they are beholding an especially messy diaper. Beer nerds would say, "The Livery! All right!" Not only is the Livery a fine brewery with a very interesting array of beers, but Bonerama is performing there, in their only Michigan appearance. Never heard of Bonerama? Well, let's just say that if you haven't heard War Pigs performed by three guys on trombones, you haven't lived. Next morning, we break camp and head for Chicagoland, where our friends are having a birthday party for their son. But on the way, we might find ourselves at the Hop Leaf for a couple, at the 5th Annual Drinking & Writing Festival, where our buddy Raymo is receiving an award. After the birthday festivities, we expect to meet up with our friend Steve, and have dinner at the Bavarian Lodge in Lisle. Check out their amazing beer list. Nora on tap! Sunday morning will come early, but we have to head home to get ready for the next trip... on Monday!

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  1. Sounds like Him and Her have a BIG weekend planned! If you have time on the way out, stop by Ashley's Westland for a pint of our newest brew... the 1-batch only Hilarious Haze on cask. It's a wheat beer with honey and a large amount of Centennial added late in the boil and in the FV. No spices tho...
    That's @ 5pm. Otherwise you can stop by the brewery itself and grab a glass of the real deal on tap.
    -Jon Piepenbrok
    Alebassador and Promoter of All Things Awesome
    Arcadia Ales