Tuesday, June 2, 2009

#300 At Fort Street

Must be something in the water! This is actually the 300th different beer for Doug. Quoth the Brewmaster:
It seems like only yesterday we celebrated our 200th beer (actually it was March 27th, 2008), but this Thursday, June 4th, we'll tap our 300th beer! To celebrate, we'll also tap our 301st beer! The 300th beer is a braggot style called "Noche de los Rabano". About 40% of the fermentables came from radish honey. This 8% ABV ale has a unique, somewhat spicy, and very dry finish. I would label it a "can't miss". Our 301st beer is our 4th edition of "Build A Beer" (the beer made with ingredients drawn from a hat). This month's version is also very unique. It's malty, without the sweetness, very hoppy, and quite low in alcohol. Since we're tapping a "Build A Beer", that means that we'll be drawing more ingredients for the 5th "Build A Beer". Good times! Good times!

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