Friday, June 5, 2009

New at Merchant's

Oh.....many good things! And, a new weekend guy, Kevin, who seems to be working out really well.

From my good friends at Montreal's unsurpassed Dieu du Ciel! brewery.....
RIGOR MORTIS ABT A Belgian-style abbey ale 10.5% EQUINOXE DE PRINTEMPS Scotch ale brewed with maple syrup. Excellent beers!!

From my new friends at Norway's Nogne O Brewery...
DUGGES SAHTI- Nogne O's take on the classic Finish brew. A collaboration
between Nogne O, and Sweden's Dugges Brewery. Brewed with heather honey and juniper. Truly unique!
"TOSHI" DOUBLE IPA -A collaboration between Nogne O, and Yo Ho brewing, Japan. 100BU, 8%ABV, Lotsa American hops.
SUNTURNBREW- A beer brewed "for the turning of the sun" on December 21st. It's a strong ale brewed with rye. 50BU. 11%ABV

From Japan!
SHIZUOKA NATSUMIKAN (Say that quickly!) From Baird Brewery. A malty beer brewed with fresh Shizuoka natsumikans (okay, it's a citrus fruit). They are even peeled by hand. Aromatic and lovely with our recent dinner of rare tuna, rice and edamame.
TRIPLE HOP ALE - Ise Kadoya brewery, Japan. Interesting brewery.
Interesting history. They make miso and soy sauce as well as beer. This is
a hoppy pale ale, 5.1%, brewed with, you guessed it, 3 different hops.

From Denmark!
MIKKELLER "NELSON SAUVIN" An American style IPA hopped solely with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. Very unusual. 6.9%ABV

More from Quebec!
UNFILTERED DOPPELBOCK 9.5% I haven't tried this one yet, but will soon,
maybe with a pork loin.
RAUCHBIER Inspired by the Bamberg style, but really more like a smoked
porter. Rich, a hint of chocolate and toffee. Very nice...

ALLAGASH "CONFLUENCE"- the second in the Allagash series of mixed
fermentation beers comprising a Belgian yeast, and Brettanomyces. A
golden, dry-hopped beer, 7.5%ABV, and a good match with charcuterie and eggs benedict. So says their web page, and I think I might have to try the eggs suggestion!

Gotta love a beer with that name. It's a Weizenbock. And a lovely one.
Lots of "bock-ey" rich malt. Baked bananas and clove. If I had a baked ham
at home this would be the ticket!

From my friends at STONE BREWING....
SUBLIMELY SELF-RIGHTEOUS ALE A re-release of their 11th anniversary beer, a black IPA. 8.7%
CALI-BELGIE IPA - A California-style IPA with a Belgian yeast. 6.9% (It's
a Belgie, not a Frenchie.)

"FRULI" SRAWBERRY - From Belgium. Very fruity, a little tart, beautiful
colour. If you love the Lindeman's lambics, and you're a strawberry fan,
you'll love this beer! I think this beer will make a nice sorbet with a
little balsamic vinegar thrown in, and maybe some fresh basil.

And....Anchor Summer beer, Arbor Brewing Strawberry Blonde, (the return of) Jolly Pumpkin's Luciernaga and a new batch of Leelanau's Whaleback White (Michigan beer-of-the-month, on sale!).

Okay, I think that's it. I'm definitely going to try some of these beers
over the weekend. It's a chore sometimes, but as Mr Cicerone often says,
"a gentleman always helps a lady Cicerone with her homework."
Hmmm, what can I cook to go with the Whaleback White...

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