Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Road Trip!

We hope to get a good night's sleep this coming Sunday, because the next day we leave for Oakland, CA, site of this year's AHA National Homebrewers Conference. We're getting there a couple of days early, so that we can bumble around San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday, we are fortunate enough to get a tour of the Anchor Brewery, after which we will continue on a beery tour of Frisco. Gotta visit Toronado, and have dinner at Magnolia, home of the wonderful Blue Bell Bitter. Wednesday will be a day for exploring the gardens of Golden Gate park, and resting up our quivering livers a bit. Then it's Game On at the conference, 3 days of Total Beer Immersion. OK, it's not that different from our daily routine, except that we will be doing it with hundreds of our far-flung fellow beer nerds, many of whom we only see at this annual hootenanny. There will be vast amounts of homebrew, commercial beer, 3 tracks of presentations on various aspects of beermaking and related topics, exuberant displays of creativity, and vast amounts of homebrew. Oh, yeah, snappy dressers, too...

You get the idea....


  1. Thirsty Bear?

    And Trader Vic's, eh?

  2. At the Toronado try anything by Moonlight. 'Death and Taxes' on the handpump is a thing of beauty. 'Twist of Fate' is also tasty.