Monday, November 2, 2009

All Hallows at The Pumpkin

Dinner and beers on the Eve of All Hallows at Jolly Pumpkin Cafe in Ann Arbor was indeed a treat. La Parcela poured on regular draught dispense (mmmm), plus there were four pumpkins on the bar (two downstairs, two upstairs) that had been filled with variations of the beer. They were spiled and tapped, and were all pouring, complete with scary skull decoration.
We did not sample the upstairs offerings, but our friends Frida, Diego and Scotty Karate (in the flesh) pronounced one of the beers to contain agave and pepper. Our bleeper bleeped, and we headed downstairs to be seated, where we enjoyed the hibiscus-infused version that was pouring from one of the pumpkins. What great colour this beer had! The other version pouring downstairs contained anise, but we did not try this. I dined on the "sweet and spicy cobia sandwich", a wonderful sandwich filled with ocean fish, spicy mayo and sweet crunchy pickly things. Mr Cicerone enjoyed pumpkin ravioli, rich and satisfying. Other beers enjoyed were Octoberfest, and the limited edition cask golden bitter, a beer that was a very pale gold, and very bitter. (Lots of hops. Very good.) After a photo op with a giant banana and we headed to a party to enjoy some lovely Hofbrau Dunkel on draft.The giant banana with a couple of old codgers, Steve & Marc.

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