Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mini Recap: Oak Cafe Tasting Featuring Short's Brewing

Joe Short was on hand to explain and entertain for the appreciative crowd at the Oak last Tuesday night. Just a very quick rundown, as there were 11 beers and no printed listing:

Kind Ale, an IPA made with fresh Mission Peninsula grown Cascade hops picked on brew day. Balanced, some grassiness.

Autumn Ale, a hoppy amber ale with English malt base.

Golden Rule, an organic IPA, very pale and bitter; yeasty.

Beach Wheat, a classic Hefeweizen. Also known as Snow Wheat in the wintertime.

Stellar Ale, another IPA, this one with all Amarillo hops.

Hangin' Frank IPA, similar to the Stellar, but with all Simcoe. Nice.

Mystery Stout, an imperial stout with some cocoa and molasses. Rich, balanced, nuanced.

Belgian plum black IPA- This one confused my mouth.

Belgian Raspberry IPA, actually not too hoppy, lots of raspberry and woody flavors. Nice.

Black Cherry Porter, great balance of fruit, roast, chocolate flavors. Had me hankering to try it with some roast duck.

'09 Anniversary Ale, a wheat wine with a bunch of blood oranges in't (zest and juice.) Wow. Wow. Amazing color. The wheat and fruit fit together seamlessly.

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