Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Fort St

Fort Street Brewery was 5 years old yesterday.We celebrated along with Doug, his wife Tracy, owner Pete, and the other regulars who filled the bar. Doug's "Ring Around the Roselare", an aged Flemish-style red ale that was released at 7PM for the celebration, was wonderful. Lots of Brett character, some nice fruitiness, and a hint of sourness. Mmmmm. Even more fantastic was Opus Amor, Doug's strong wheat wine, on tap at the brewery, and now in our cellar. As part of the 5 day anniversary celebration, Doug released one large bottle per night to a lucky raffle winner. And, last night it was us! We'll leave that one down there, and bring it to the 6th birthday party.
Thanks Doug for 5 years of great beer!

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