Friday, February 26, 2010

Recent Swell Beers

Hola, amigos, I know it's been a while since I rapped at ya, but I been busier than a one-armed Cicerone in a beer pouring contest... also my laptop croaked...

Some recent good beers I've had, in no particular order:

Founders Nemesis, a wheat wine aged in maple and bourbon casks. Boozy, bourbon nose, but not oppressively boozy flavor. Lots of heavy sweet wheat malt, heavy body, and a seemingly endless progression of fruity nuances. Lots of coconut from the bourbon casks. Quite the engrossing tipple.

Bells Batch 9000, an imperial stout with molasses and licorice. Wow. Aroma of licorice and hops, then malt and molasses. Lots of hop and licorice flavor, as well, as well as buckets of malt, molassses, and roasted malt. At first you might miss the roast flavor with all that's going on, but it's there, and I think it helps hold everything else together. This beer was worth the extended wait- get it while you can.

Opus Amor at Fort Street, another wheat wine, minus the barrel aging. Deeply malty, with ample bitterness to balance. We are fortunate to have a bottle of this stashed away in the Circus Room at Chez Cicerone.

Sam Adams Noble Pils, on draft, at one of our favorite local bars, the Oak Cafe. A hop sammich! Couldn't drink just one....

(Anyone know who I borrowed the intro line from? Besides Uncle Dave, I mean....)