Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's New At Fort Street

Among other things, a cask of dry-hopped IPA! Whoo!

Greetings and salutations!

Every Red Wing playoff game this year has attracted absolutely zero interest so far. Until Sunday. Which, oddly enough, was the first game since the smoking ban took effect. So, was it coincidence, or instead of hating the Red Wings, do people hate smoking? I guess we'll find out at the next game.
This Thursday, May 6th at 8ish p.m., we'll tap our 130th cask-conditioned ale. In honor of the new state law, we've named this beer, "Smoke Free!". The base of the cask is the ever popular, and as yet unreleased, "Piston Pale Ale" with fresh picked, and then frozen, grown in Lincoln Park, Cascade hops. If you like hops, citrus fruit, or sentences that begin with the words, "You're wealthy old uncle wanted you to have this...", you'll love this beer! As always, we'll have some fabulous prizes for a few lucky folks in attendance at the tapping.
For our drinks of the week, we say, "Tequila for my men (and women)!" We've got $3.50 Margaritaville Margaritas and $8 Don Eduardo Margaritas and $1 off shots of any Don Eduardo tequila (Silver, Reposado, or Anejo). We'll also be doing sort of a mini promo for Don Eduardo tequila on Thursday.
Have you ever said to yourself, "Fort Street Brewery is the best! I wonder if they can help me cut my electric bill?" Well, the answer is yes! Just go to, fill out the form, and they'll send you two free energy efficient light bulbs! I'll tell ya, no one else loves ya like we do!
Just a little heads up so you can plan accordingly; May 17 - 22nd is American Craft Beer Week (AKA, the Mother of all Beer Weeks). We'll celebrate by holding our 4th annual Wheatstock Festival the 19th - 21st. We'll tap at least four new wheat beer styles and give prizes each night for the best hippie costumes!
Don't forget that Sunday is National Take Mom Out For A Beer Day, aka Mother's Day. Mom needs a beer!
This week on "Smoke My Meat!", look for Shrimp Alfredo Pizza, Oven Fried Perch, Taco Macaroni, Chicken Fried Chicken, Risotto Balls, Navy Bean Dip, Rocky Mountain Oysters, and Beer Can Chicken (Thursday-Sunday).
To summarize: "Ahhh! Fresh air!"; "Ahhhh! Fresh hops in a cask!"; "1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor!"; "These new bulbs will save me enough money to buy a keg!"; "Time to dust off my tie-dye!"; and "Let's Go Red Wings!"

See ya soon,

Fort Street Brewery
1660 Fort St.
Lincoln Park, MI
(313) 389-9620

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