Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The grooviest week of the year, Wheatstock, is upon us!
Greetings and salutations!

The mother of all beer weeks is here! This year, we were able to coincide it with our 4th annual Wheatstock festival. Groovy, man!
The fun begins Wednesday, May 19th at 8 ish p.m. That's when "Bitter Wheat Symphony" takes the beer stage. Made with 50% wheat and fermented with a unique yeast from a very old Belgian brewery, this beer cranks the hop volume up to 11, with 95 IBU's of refreshment. Following "Bitter Wheat" on stage, will be "Sweet". Also brewed with 50% wheat, the hop volume is signifigantly turned down, and orange blossom honey was used. It was fermented with yeast from a charming little brewery in Canada, who stole it from a charming little brewery in Belgium.
On Thursday, get ready to groove again to the taste of "Cask-Ette" at 8 ish p.m. This is a cask-conditioned version of the upcoming 6th edition of "Summer Sunsation" (sort of a French Farmhouse ale this year) with Calendula flowers added to the cask. If you drink one beer in your life with Calendula flowers in it, make sure this is the one! On the second stage Thursday night is my favorite beer of the week! "British Fungus" will blow you away, man! If I close my eyes and think of the most delicous thing I have ever had in my whole life, and then I think about the most refreshing beverage I have ever drank in my life, and then think about what would happen if those two things combined, wow! I'd see colors and stuff and totally feel like I was trippin'! But that pretty much describes "British Fungus".
So then on Friday, it's been a long week and ya just need to chill out after all that excitement. Just lean back in your chair at 8 ish p.m. and get ready for the harmonious smoothness of "Harmony". It's just a mellow jam session between wheat, barley, buckwheat, and rye. Yeeeaaaaah, maaaaaan! Cool!
Be sure to dress like a hippie each night. Ya know, bell bottoms, peace symbols, long hair, tie die, short skirts with go-go boots, and all that crazy stuff that we all laugh about and say, "Somebody actually thought this looked good at one time?!" Every night we'll give out a seriously righteous prize to the grooviest, hippest, hippie. We'll probably have some other prizes too and play some fun games like "Hungry Hungry Hippie" and "Stoned or Not Stoned" for prizes as well.
Our liquors of the week are something new and tasty. We have three new Polish vodkas called Alchemia, which are distilled from rye. There's the original, Chocolate, and Wild Cherry. Seriously good vodka! This week you can get a Mocha Chill (Alchemia Chocolate, Kahlua, and coffee on ice) for just $5, a Chocolate Cherry (Chocolate and Wild Cherry with Coke) for just $4.50, or a Fruit Bowl (Cherry, peach schnaaps, cranberry, and orange juices) for only $4.
I like free stuff! Everyone likes free stuff! Studies have shown that you could dump your trash on your neighbor's lawn if you tell him, "It's free!". That's how powerful the allure of free stuff is. Hell, I don't walk around the trade show at the Craft Brewers Conference every year with 3 heavy bags of crap on each arm because I paid for it! I do it because someone said, "Free!" and I just get all giddy and can't help myself! With that in mind, I unleash this torrent of free stuff! Just go to http://aramdek.com/promo_pack.html, fill out the form, and they'll send you 3 balloons, a key chain, a pen, and a bottle opener all for FREE! Damn! I get all tingly just thinking about getting that package in the mail!
This week on, "We've Made Some Changes to the Menu", you might notice that we've made 16 changes to the menu (in addition to adding the Stuffed Turkey Burger and Chicken & Waffles to the regular menu). Come in and see if you can spot all 16! If ya do, I might give you some free stuff!
On your special plate this week, look for Risotto Balls, Spinach Lasagna Rolls, Pasties, Salmon IPA Burgers, Hawaiian Pizza, Bacon & Tomato Pizza, and Beer Can Chicken (Thursday-Sunday).
In summary: "Happy American Craft Beer Week!; three days of love and beer Wednesday - Friday; dress like a hippy, but skip the patchouli oil!; "Free stuff is the best, man!"; "There's free dog poop in my yard, if you're interested. Makes good mulch!"; and "Did I mention that we have five new beers on tap this week?".

See ya soon,

Fort Street Brewery
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Lincoln Park, MI
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