Monday, May 10, 2010

Latest Fort Street Brewery News

The last cask at Fort Street was wonderful. Lively condition, and great fresh hop character without the grassiness some veterans of 'wet hopped' beers feared. This week, another variation on Piston Pale Ale. Doug tells it:
Greetings and salutations!

Ahhhhh! One week of being smoke free and I feel better already! The sky is a little bluer, the air a little crisper, the birds' songs a little prettier. How about you?
This Thursday, May 13th at 8ish p.m., we'll tap our 131st cask-conditioned ale. "Hoppywood" is the very popular, Piston Pale Ale (wheat IPA) with French oak added to the cask. No simulated bourbon barrel or second hand wood this time. Just plain oak. If you like red wine (with hops added to it), foods cooked over wood chips (and hops), or finding prizes inside your box of breakfast cereal, we think you'll love this beer. As always, we'll have some fabulous prizes for a few lucky folks in attendance at the tapping.
We have some new liquors at FSB. Last week we had a promo for one of them, and this week we feature some more. Shakka is a new line of fruit-flavored liquers. There's a grape, apple, and kiwi. These have a great fruit flavor without the syrupy sweetness of schnapps. This week you can get a Apple Shokk (Apple Shakka with Apple Vodka and 7-UP) for just $3, a Cinnamon Apple (Apple Shakka with a splash of Cinnamon Schnaaps) for just $2.50, or the refreshing and exotic Caribbean Kayaker (Kiwi Shakka and Banana rum) for the measly price of $2. Fan Club members, did you know that you can get 18.5 oz any beer for just $2.25 every Sunday and Tuesday?
Did you like that tequila promo we had last week, but miss out on getting some free tequila merchandise. No problem! Just go to, give 'em your name and address, and you can get your choice of free tequila merchandise (I took the margarita glass, which I will probably give to someone at a Thursday tapping)!
Don't forget that Wheatstock is May 19-21 (Wednesday-Friday). This year, it's in conjunction with American Craft Beer Week (cards available at your local Hallmark store). We'll tap five different wheat beers (and I'm not talking about your normal run of the mill banana-clove wheat beers here)! There will also be prizes each night for the best hippie/Woodstock era costume. There could also be a special guest appearance by Woodstock artist Ravi Shankar (yes, he really did play there)! Check out our website or pick up a Woodstock program at the brewery for a list of the beers appearing.
This week on, "Specials!? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Specials!", you'll hear Nicole say, "Pizza, anyone?". You'll also hear (name changed to protect the guilty) say, "I don't need a job anymore! My parents said I could live at home forever!". And finally, you'll hear (name changed to protect the guilty) say, "What's wrong with coming to work 40 minutes late and not doing anything once I get there?"
Under your plate this week, you'll find a help wanted sign. On your plate, look for Black & White Pizza, Ham & Provolone Pizza, and Salmon Tacos.
To summarize: a smoke free society is a healthier, happier society!; "Bartender, what's this oak tree doing in my beer?!"; "Dude! Where'd ya get that cool Jose Cuervo glass?"; get ready for wheat beers and get yourself some hippie clothes!; and as always, "We've got a fistfull of dollars, but no fists to put 'em in!"

See ya soon,

Fort Street Brewery
1660 Fort St.
Lincoln Park, MI
(313) 389-9620

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