Sunday, December 12, 2010

The weird survived...

... Eccentric Day, 2010.

The Rex Halfpennys.

The original Mr Eccentric.

Mr Cicerone, AKA He Man.
Mrs Cicerone, AKA Attack of the killer minks.

Big Board O' Beer. One of them.

A grand time was had by all. We tried very hard to sample every beer (there were 20 more pouring in the back bar), but had to be satisfied with K'Zoo stout on cask, Christmas Ale, The Wild One (fantastic as always- this beer keeps evolving into better, better and better,) Golden Rye, Batch 10,000, Eccentric Ale '09 (a bit too licorice'y for me, but nicely done this time around), '08 Expedition, Rye Stout, Smoked Stout, Oarsman, Deb's Red, and of course, Two Hearted Ale.

The next day at Arcadia did not disappoint. Tim Surprise's "Address to the Haggis" was a spectacle, as always. We feasted well, and drank some fine beers- Sky High Rye, ESB, London Porter, Cereal Killer, and Imperial Stout. The music was great, and there were Feats of Strength, such as the "Down a Yard O' Ale" contest. As always, a fantastic time, and the hospitality of the Arcadia crew is just heartwarming.

A stop at Dark Horse Brewing on our way home the next day was a treat, with some nice sandwiches (on great bread) for lunch, and a delicious roasty, smooth pint of Too Cream Stout for me, and Reserve Special Blackbier and Crooked Tree IPA for Mr Cicerone.

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