Sunday, December 12, 2010

Slows To Go Is A Go!

The long awaited Slows to Go is officially open in the Wayne State area at Cass and Alexandrine. The building is basically a giant kitchen, with a small front room where customers place and pick up orders. (I wasn't smart enough to realize that my fancy new all-fangled phone is capable of taking pictures of these things for you, sorry!) There is a shelf/counter around the perimeter of the room, so you *could* stand right there and scarf up your food, if you can't wait.

So, this giant kitchen contains, among other things, two gigantic commercial smokers, each of which has eight baskets inside, big enough to contain a suckling pig, arranged sort of like a Ferris wheel. (Another thing your doltish correspondent should have photographed.) Also in this kitchen is a 60 gallon stainless kettle with a drain- they have been warned that they might open up in the morning to find a distinct aroma of fresh wort in the air... Anyway, with such a kitchen they are able to supply takeout demand, cater events, and back up the very tiny kitchen at the Corktown restaurant. And with all the cooler space, one of the obstacles to cooking some greens has been removed- still no plans for that, but I will continue to pester....

We were lucky enough to be invited for a 'soft opening' this past Wednesday; a shakedown of staff, systems, etc, to rehearse for the actual opening. We were also lucky enough to have a bottle of the new Boston Beer Company's Infinium, a collaboration brew with Weihenstephan, so we had something nice and festive to toast the opening with. Mrs. Cicerone confirmed that the chicken wings (on the to-go menu as an entree, with choice of two sides,) were as delicious as ever, and I had a half-rack of the St. Louis ribs, which were pure sweet-smokey-porky good. These are one of my favorites on the Slows menu; I am a bit of a fussbudget when it comes to barbecue. I want the flesh of the pig, rubbed in spice, smoked low and slow until it's pink throughout and tender, and that's it. The St. Louis trim is a great way to serve ribs, because it makes for easy eating with fingers only.

Now, if only there were someplace nearby to get beer to go....

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