Saturday, October 2, 2010

Intemperate Michigander Screed

On the plus side, this'll be short. I was putting together a backgrounder for Annette's TV appearance, just a collection of stats on the brewing industry here in the Great Beer State. One statistic in particular shifted a burr that's been under my saddle for a long time: Craft beer sales in Michigan account for 1.8% of all beer sales, less than half of the national average. (All figures from 2008.) Since ALL of the beer produced in Michigan is craft beer, that means that 98+% of the beer purchased by Michiganders comes from out of state. All you guys with the "Out of a job yet?" bumper stickers? Buy Michigan beer!

What makes all this doubly confounding is that there is no sacrifice involved in supporting the home team- Michigan produces some of the world's finest beer!

Ps- I also recommend buying a Chevy!