Sunday, February 27, 2011

MBG Winter Festival Recap

I had hoped to 'live blog' from the festival, but due to a combination of poor signal, phone browser/blogger incompatibility, and who-knows-what-all technical issues I wasn't going to waste valuable festival time battling, I only managed a couple posts. Plus, I didn't want to be that thumb-typing, distracted weenie, I wanted to be a beer-tasting-talking-to-my-buds weenie! As ever, I tasted a tiny fraction of the available beers, what with running my fool yap and all. Some highlights:

  • Grizzly Peak Burton-Brussels Express Wood-aged IPA, pleasantly woody, and Verloene Hosen (Lost Pants) (understandable!) Uber-Marzen, a malt-based 'dope slap.'
  • Arcadia Panama Red Smoked Imperial Red Ale, liberally hopped with Citra- smokey and hoppy and very more-ish.
  • Jolly Pumpkin Bambic, a blend of two lambic-type beers with fresh Bam Biere. Whoo!
  • New Holland Envious, a strong barrel aged beer made with pears and raspberries.
The biggest highlight was of course the wonderful feeling of community shared by all of the brewers and beer lovers. Beer people are the best!

Another highlight: I caught Beer Todd being the "thumb-typing" guy, and called him on it, but he had an excuse: "I have to text my brother and tell him he's a big gay pussy!" Since fully 50% of the digital traffic between me and Uncle Dave is comprised of just such repartee, I had to let him off....

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  1. And the other 50% involves creative ways of saying "I'm texting you whilst taking a dump."