Monday, February 21, 2011

A small blurb about Mexican food & beer.....

Behold these magnificent enchiladas made by Mr Cicerone recently. They are filled with his own smoky pulled pork, and the sauce is made from our own canned heirlooms from last summer. What a treat. Frontera Grill couldn't have done better. Our beer of choice was Mikkeller Chipotle Porter. I scored 6 bottles of this beer at the store, it's gone, and there is no more. (If anyone sees any out there, grab one! The chocolate and chili combination in this beer is outstanding. If you like that combination. Which I do. A lot.)

Talking about all things Mexican, we were mightily impressed by a couple of  beers from Cucapa brewery, of Mexico, that we tried over the weekend. We'd tried a few of their beers before and were not crazy about them, but these two were excellent. Low Rider Rye Pale Ale, at 7.2% (22oz bottle), had everything you might want to taste in a rye beer. Including RYE. Sure, there was some good hop flavour and bitterness in the finish, but not enough to stomp all over the rye. The beer is richly malty, spicy from the rye, and heavy'ish bodied. Wow. (The graphics on the label are hilarious too.) La Migra Imperial Stout was also a winner. Roasty, a wee bit of bitter chocolate, hoppy finish and warming.
Funny label too! Couldn't find a picture of the Low Rider, sadly. Mr Cicerone really loved that one.

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