Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brew Day, Batch 343: 40-40-40 Special Bitter

This is a best bitter built around a conceptual framework, said framework being the number 40. 40, because that is the number of years, as of next week, that my little brother has been around to pester me. Also to make me laugh, talk me down off the ledge, drink my beers, worry me, and make me proud. Thus one of the beers we'll use to commemorate his superannuation will have an original gravity of 1.040, 40 BUs, include 40 oz. of 40 degree Lovibond crystal malt, 40g of a pale chocolate malt, and a couple other 40s worked into the groove.

The crystal malt is really pushing the upper limits of sane usage, at a bit over 15%; I'm betting the 40 BUs and liberal doses of flavor hops will keep this a drinkable beer. If Dave invites you to his birthday party, you'll find out!


  1. Invitations are only $50 each, payable to my landlord, insurance company, the IRS, Comcast, etc., etc. Oh, and Ashley's, Arbor, Grizzly Peak, Corner, Wolverine...

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