Thursday, June 23, 2011

More About The NHC Banquet

In addition to the prairie dogs, there was a fine feast prepared by the "Homebrew Chef," Mr. Sean Paxton. If you are interested in food, beer, and their intersection (you're here, aren't you?) his website is an amazing resource.

A Boy and His Mole - photo courtesy AHA/BA

The menu:


Romaine, jicama, Mexican papaya, tri-colored cherry tomatoes and goat cheese crumble with a lime oregano and American Amber Ale vinaigrette



Chipotle Ale brined chicken covered in a Oaxacan Chocolate Stout mole with TCHO chocolate on a bed of savory rice pilaf infused with Dead Guy Ale


Roasted vegetables stuffed in a pasilla pepper covered in a Oaxacan Chocolate Stout mole with TCHO chocolate on a bed of savory rice pilaf infused with Dead Guy Ale



Cascade hop infused flan topped with a 2-row malted caramel sauce


Awards Beer

A couple of notes about this wonderful meal- The mole was very spicy, but it did not overwhelm the flavorful, moist chicken. Every diner got a 1/2 breast and a thigh (Whoo!) The Mocha Porter was a good match in flavors and intensity. The flan and sauce would have been great by themselves, but add in the hoppy Brutal, and the Cascadey goodness in the flan really lit up. Mmmm. Here's hoping Sean will cook for us again next year!


  1. are you kidding?
    the only beer that paired at all was the mocha. and only because it was so mild and bland. the "oregasmic" ale was far hoppier then the brutal ipa. and with a salad? really?

    the salad was fine on its own, but add the dressing or pair with the beer and it was gross.

    the rice was undercooked on every plate at our table, though ill agree the mole was good.

    the flan was the highpoint of the meal, but if you even tasted the brutal, your palate was overwhelmed and you couldnt taste any of the cascade within the flan.

    i dont blame mr paxton. he had a set of awful beers to work with. and a enormous group of 1900 people to serve. but no. this was not a amazing meal. it was ok. and only if you didnt try to pair it with the beers served.

  2. We always welcome respectful differences of opinion here.

    Everybody perceives things differently, sometimes dramatically so. After a long day of sampling beers, this is even more likely. I certainly don't hold myself up as some sort of arbiter of taste; rather I share the things that work for me, in the hope that others might enjoy them, too. Sorry you didn't enjoy the meal as much as I did.

    Most of my co-diners were underwhelmed by the salad. I liked it, though it was the weakest pairing, in my opinion.

    We were lucky; our rice was not undercooked, and was delicious.

    As noted above, I found that the IPA highlighted the Cascade infusion in the flan.

    Of course, it may only be that I enjoy gross salads and awful beers....

  3. I love awful salads and gross beers!