Monday, July 11, 2011

Breathing fumes.....

See the label? It's Brewdog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin. Our friend Richard was given a bottle for Fathers Day from his wife and daughters (thanks Barb, Meg & Mariah!), and we were invited over to his house, along with our friend Pete, to share. Ouch!
It's stout. Well it was once. It's now 32% ABV stout and packs a punch, with strong alcohol fumes (and a wee bit of stoutness) on the nose, with a rummy boozy taste that was like drinking rum. Straight. Cask strength even. The surprise was that there was a decent amount of carbonation that did help its "drinkability", a little. As it warmed, there were definite chocolate and roast notes, and more fuitiness typical of a strong stout.

EDIT: Mr. C's tasting notes- Ethanol fumes aside, there was a pronounced port-like aroma. The flavor held lots of roast and hop bitterness, with some chocolate and raisin. Very interesting. I would recommend a serving size no bigger than 1 oz., though....

Richard, *before* the Penguin.....

Check out the "Best By" date!

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