Thursday, July 21, 2011

SB40 Revealed

Just outside frame: paper sleeves for the 40s.

As anyone that knows me can confirm, I am often willing to go too far for a joke. Thus, Batch 339, "Shorty B 40,"  code-named SB40, was a 'malt liquor.' Packaged, in part, in 40 oz. bottles. The beer was made from Briess 2 row malt, bolstered by roughly 12% (as extract) Pioneer sugar. Though your humble correspondent deviated from established industry standards and bittered this brew with an excessive 22 BUs from Mt. Hood in one kettle addition, he is pleased to report that this is by far the blandest beer he's ever produced. But not the weakest, no sir, this black hole of flavor clocked in at 5.9% v/v. Because it takes all kinds to make a village, this beer actually moved pretty well during the party. I might try to slip the leftovers into the Michigan Brewers Guild VIP lounge at the Summer Festival; Selewski will drink it....

The complete list of beers served at Uncle Dave's Big Gay Party can be seen here.

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