Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot Glass Cold Beer. An awesome event!

Thursday August 2nd, 5-10PM, at Furnace Design Studio/Glass Academy, Dearborn. These lovely people know how to make gorgeous works of (glass) art, and they love Michigan beer! Mr Cicerone and I will be pouring beer at this event. There will be 5 Michigan breweries at the event, glass blowing demonstrations, and beautiful objets d'art for sale.

For those on Facebook, details here. For those not, details here.

Wanna drink your Michigan beer from this? Then come by!


  1. Really?? (Is somebody else claiming to be you?)

  2. Sorry about the uncharacteristic all-caps. I was merely expressing my admiration for that exceptional piece of glassware. And of course, you know better than most that I (we) don't need another glass....