Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brew Day, Batch 373: Saison Sorachi

I scored some Sorachi Ace hops recently, and had a couple of ideas about how best to use their unique lemongrass-like aroma and flavor. One idea was a saison, where the peppery phenols and fruity esters might harmonize nicely with lemony flavors. We will see. Here's what I did:

(10 gallons)

11  lbs. Weyermann Pils malt
2   lbs. Weyermann Munich Type 1
1/2 lb.  Weyermann Cara Munich
1/2 lb.  Simpsons "Golden Naked Oats" crystal oat malt

I did a very thick initial dough in for a protein rest at about 125F for 30 minutes, then infused boiling liquor to boost to a saccharification rest of 147F. I collected 11.5 gallons of sweet wort, and topped the kettle up to 12 gallons. For a total 90 minute boil, here's the hop schedule:

1 oz.   Perle 9.3% for 60 minutes
3/4 oz. Sorachi Ace 15.1% for 15 minutes
3/4 oz. Sorachi Ace 15.1% at end of boil

Calculated BUs: 30
OG: 1.045

I chilled down to 67F, with the help of some ice, and pitched a hefty slurry of Wyeast 3711 French Saison saved from the last batch of Atmospherium. Thanks to the Granny Thermostat, everybody is happily fermenting along at 70F. Stay tuned...

Ps. I still have an ounce and a half of the Sorachi, and plan to use them in a batch of blonde ale, which should be a great vehicle for their unique aroma and flavor....

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